SilverTee USA has the great pleasure of manufacturing and selling these one of a kind custom-made golf pegs.  Each piece is individually handcrafted with .925 sterling silver by the fine jewelers at Specialty Casting in Conway, Arkansas.

The owners of SilverTee USA are avid golfers and enjoy seeing other lady golfers wearing the pendants.  It's almost like you are part of a club, pun intended!

Wearing this eye-catching piece of jewelry will proudly display your love of golf to your friends and family.  It truly makes a statement that will bring you closer to your game.


The definition of "peg" is a short cylindrical piece of metal tapered at one end, that is used for marking a position.


We offer our customers something that no one else has.  You can special order a custom made peg in white, rose, or yellow gold with or without precious stones, it is your choice!

Pegs in gold and platinum are made on request.

Diane Hummel  and Dalia Pena - Founders of SilverTee USA

Proudly wearing the SilverTee!